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Energy efficiency financing charette

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Hosted by the UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre, the charrette brought together energy efficiency and financial experts from across regions and sectors, successfully creating a new platform that enables these two communities to work together to accelerate the scope and pace of investments in energy efficiency globally. Learn more

Mission Efficiency Marketplace

Mission Efficiency has united key partners to establish a first-of-its-kind marketplace, fostering a thriving ecosystem of energy efficiency projects. Through regular virtual and in-person workshops, government representatives, financial institutions, industry, and other stakeholders can exchange knowledge and brainstorm solutions to common barriers. Together, they discuss the actions needed to deploy new investments into best-in-class efficiency projects.


This Marketplace follows this three-step model:

  • Identify: Identify investment-worthy energy efficiency projects by assessing their viability, energy and climate impact in alignment with country priorities.
  • De-risk: Facilitate risk mitigation instruments and strategies (including insurances, blended finance, carbon credits, guarantees, aggregation of projects) and provide transaction enablers (examples including standardized contracts, technical assistance).
  • Match: Match energy efficiency projects with interested investors.  

Mission Efficiency is currently developing a Marketplace in Ghana and Kenya, convening key players to identify impactful energy-saving projects and potential funders.

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